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Are Psychic Powers and Telepathy Real?

Do you believe that the human mind can be trained to influence another human mind or people’s minds who are far away, just by turning our mind to the right frequency? Can it be trained, can we… can we learn that art? Sadhguru: You are trying to beat the cell phone companies (Laughter). It’s not just about the mind see when we say mind, the English word mind, is only generally referring to only the thought process. The thought process is the most surface element of your mind. I think because of European thought, we have given too much significance to the thought. In yogic science, we do not attach any importance to what you are thinking about or feeling right now.

How do I know if I’m a psychic?

Have you ever had visions, instincts, sensations that seemed to send you a message? Or in a particular place or conversation, did you know exactly what the person would respond to or what would happen next? These situations probably led you to ask yourself: “Am I a sensitive person?” “How do I know if I’m a psychic?”

In all cultures, since the most remote times, there have always been people with special psychic abilities. These skills allowed them to discover things about the future, see facts from the past, and clearly see things from the present, even over great distances. People of unique acuity and extrasensory skills are commonly known as psychics.

Having dreams that later become reality or having premonitions confirmed after a while happens daily in the lives of many people. These situations characterize small gifts of foresight that we all have from the moment we were born. But few are those who, in the course of their lives, are able to fully develop these gifts and become de facto seers. To find out what level of clairvoyance you are in, Astrocentro has separated some questions from “The Book of Tests” , by author Mathias Gonzales (under the pseudonym of Thomas Morgan). The answers you give to these questions will show if you have any “symptoms” of a psychic medium and will be able to know if you have supernatural powers.

Who are the psychics who work in psychography?

They are volunteer workers who, after completing the schools of preparation and mediumistic improvement, are invited to participate in the task, within the evangelical principles and the Spiritist Doctrine. (Read more in the Mediums’ Book, Chapter XX: The Moral Influence of Mediums).